Roberto Abraham Scaruffi: June 2008

Monday, 30 June 2008

The Good News in Iraq

The Good News in Iraq

(Don't Count on It)

By Tom Engelhardt

Bush lawyers on child torture and burial alive

June 29, 2008
Bush lawyers on child torture and burial alive
ANP: Two leading architects of Bush admn.'s policies on torture give evasive answers to simple questions

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Girl's death sparks rioting in Chinese county

Thousands of rioters torched police and government office buildings in southwest China on Saturday, in unrest triggered by allegations of a cover-up over a girl's death, residents and state media reported on Sunday.

Emeutes en Chine après la mort d'une adolescente

Emeutes en Chine après la mort d'une adolescente
C.J ( avec AFP29/06/2008 Mise à jour : 12:18

Army's History of Iraq After Hussein Faults Pentagon

Army's History of Iraq After Hussein Faults Pentagon
(By Josh White, The Washington Post)

Occupation Plan for Iraq Faulted in Army History

In a broad study, the Army has documented a number of problems that hampered its ability to stabilize Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

El auge de una terapia corta que resuelve crisis

A diferencia del psicoanálisis, no interpreta a la persona

Sobre el teatro judío en Rusia

Por Ernesto Schoo
Espectáculos 691 palabras
Link corto:

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Report: Iran will use oil as weapon if attacked

The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards said the country would impose controls on shipping in the vital Gulf oil route if Iran was attacked, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Londres veut déployer 7 000 éoliennes dans le pays

Londres veut déployer 7 000 éoliennes dans le pays
Cyrille Vanlerberghe
27/06/2008 Mise à jour : 22:07

La relación sadomaso es la más democrática

La relación sadomaso es la más democrática

Taliban Imperil Pakistani City, a Major Hub

The Taliban threat to Peshawar is a sign of its deepening penetration of Pakistan and of the rising danger that the militants present to the entire region.

Wind: The Power. The Promise. The Business

Special Report June 26, 2008, 5:00PM EST
Wind: The Power. The Promise. The Business
A partial answer to America's energy crisis is springing up. But the struggle to harness the winds of Kansas shows the difficulty in building an industry that threatens the status quo

"He Has Always Fought for the Rights of Workers"

"He Has Always Fought for the Rights of Workers"
June 25 -- Labor activist Mansour Osanlu's wife tells Radio Farda [audio in Persian / text in Persian]: "My kids and I have had a hard time--not only emotionally, but financially--for the past 3 years that my husband has not been with us... The fact that he is in the right, but has been wronged, convinces me to put up with this difficult situation. And the international and domestic support we get comforts us and makes us feel we are not alone."

Kurdish Journalist Sentenced to 11-Years in Prison

Kurdish Journalist Sentenced to 11-Years in Prison
June 23 -- Journalist Mohammad-Sadigh Kaboudvand's lawyer says his client is being convicted for founding the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization: "Almost no media in Iran is covering this story... This is the most unjust and heaviest sentence I've ever seen among similar cases. He has committed no criminal act"

Friday, 27 June 2008

Israeli Breakthrough in Solar Thermal Energy

Israeli Breakthrough in Solar Thermal Energy

An Israeli entrepreneur is using the Negev to test a solar thermal power system that may be able to power more than half a million homes.

From Guns To Guantanamo, The True Significance Of The Latest Supreme Court Term

by Jeffrey Rosen

Bush Policy Authors Defend Their Actions

Two key architects of the Bush administration's controversial interrogation policies defended their legal positions yesterday, sparring with House Democrats over whether discredited Justice Department opinions led to mistreatment of military and CIA detainees.
(By Dan Eggen, The Washington Post)

Global Oil-Supply Worries Fuel Debate in Saudi Arabia

Global Oil-Supply Worries Fuel Debate in Saudi Arabia
Two of Saudi Arabia's most powerful oil executives have staked out opposite sides of a momentous industry debate: whether global oil production has peaked.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

U.S. economic growth steady in first quarter

The economy turned in a better - but still subpar - performance in the first three months of this year, mostly spurred by stronger sales of U.S. products overseas.

Supreme Court Strikes Down D.C. Ban on Handguns

The Supreme Court says Americans have a right to own guns for self-defense and hunting, the justices' first definitive pronouncement on gun rights in U.S. history.

Kassam Attack on Sderot - Third Violation of Gaza 'Ceasefire'

Gaza terrorists launched a Kassam rocket attack on Sderot Thursday, the third violation of the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire in a week.

Democracy in Singapore

Democracy in Singapore
June 26, 2008

Nicaragua: The Inherent Dangers of Being a Militant Mecca

Nicaragua: The Inherent Dangers of Being a Militant Mecca
June 25, 2008 1618 GMT
By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Telegraphing an Israeli Punch?

By Stratfor Intelligence Briefing
What really happened when more than 100 Israeli aircrafts carried out anexercise in early June over the eastern Mediterranean Sea and Greece?

Russian Bear Roars: Why Is Moscow Risking a New Cold War?

Strategic bombers off the American coast, battleships in the Mediterranean -- the Russian military is displaying its might once again with Moscow pumping billions into new weapons. But where does the Kremlin see its enemies today, and why is it risking another nuclear arms race with Washington?

'Barak Has Spit in the Face of the Israeli Public'

Fury, frustration on both sides of the political map as Labor Party agrees to vote against disbanding Knesset; Hanegbi: Deal good for both parties

Vietnamese Premier Meets With Bush, Gates

Topics Include Economic Policy, Religious Freedom
(By Dan Eggen, The Washington Post)

In China's Quake Zone, Aftershocks of the Spirit

Hardy Optimism Likely to Mask Despair
(By Edward Cody, The Washington Post)

Lech Walesa was a Communist spy, says new book

Lech Walesa was a Communist spy, says new book

Italy, Russia Energy Firms Strike Deals

Italy, Russia Energy Firms Strike Deals
Leading companies in Italy's and Russia's energy sectors signed two deals valued at a total of about $3.65 billion.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Rockets 'violated Gaza ceasefire'

Rockets 'violated Gaza ceasefire'

Israel says a Palestinian rocket attack on the southern town of Sderot is a "gross violation" of a six-day-old truce.

Billion-Dollar Babies

Five Stealth Pentagon Contractors Reaping Billions of Tax Dollars
By Nick Turse

Iron-Ore Deal to Lift China's Steel Costs

Iron-Ore Deal to Lift China's Steel Costs
Rio Tinto and BHP won an 85% increase in the benchmark price for iron ore after months of negotiating with China's top steelmakers. The deal indicates that steel prices world-wide are likely to stay high and fans further concerns about inflation.

The Real State of Iraq

The Real State of Iraq
By Juan Cole
The apocalypse that the United States has unleashed upon Iraq is among the greatest catastrophes to befall any country in the past 50 years. It is a much worse disaster over time than the Burmese cyclone or the Mississippi floods.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Tajikistan: Dushanbe's Last Synagogue Demolished

Tajikistan: Dushanbe's Last Synagogue Demolished

Brown calls oil producers to invest in nuclear

Brown calls oil producers to invest in nuclear
23 June 2008
UK prime minister Gordon Brown thinks oil producing countries could stabilise their market and secure long-term futures by investing in alternatives, including nuclear – and has told OPEC leaders he will open up the UK's energy industry to such investments.

Senior Moments = The secret China history of George H. W. Bush

The New Republic
by James Mann
The secret China history of George H. W. Bush
Post Date Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Return to Repression

China muzzles journalists who asked too many questions after the recent earthquake.
(The Washington Post)

No Blood for... er... um...

The Oil Majors Take a Little Sip of the Ol' Patrimony
By Tom Engelhardt

Zimbabwe's Opposition Abandons Runoff Vote

Zimbabwe's Opposition Abandons Runoff Vote
Zimbabwe's opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, pulled out of a runoff vote, saying his supporters would be risking their lives if they voted in the presidential election. The withdrawal clears the way for President Mugabe to continue his 28-year rule, despite mounting criticism.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Evangelizing the Jews: The New Techniques

by Rabbi Tovia Singer
To bring about the Second Coming, fundamentalist Christians believe they must convert the Jews. Having failed in the past, they are now armed with a new arsenal of deceptive techniques.

Concerning the Jews

by Mark Twain
The closing paragraphs are famous, but few have read Mark Twain's complete article. It's long but fascinating.
Print and read.

Inside a 9/11 Mastermind’s Interrogation

The story of an analyst who interrogated Khalid Shaikh Mohammed without harsh tactics offers the closest look to date at the C.I.A.’s interrogation program.

Iran discounts 'attack by Israel'

Iran says it considers an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities as "impossible", after reports of an Israeli military rehearsal.

Le gouvernement burundais traque les sympathisants des FNL

Le gouvernement burundais traque les sympathisants des FNL

Saturday, 21 June 2008

For Yemen’s Leader, a Balancing Act Gets Harder

President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s corruption and neglect, as well as his history of coddling Islamic extremists, have helped fuel the uprising against him, an official said.

Japanese Lawmaker Takes 9/11 Doubts Global

Japanese Lawmaker Takes 9/11 Doubts Global
Special to The Japan Times
Fujita, along with a growing number of individuals - including European and American politicians - are leading a charge to conduct a thorough, independent investigation of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Mortgage fraud sweep marks a turning point

Widespread FBI probe highlights breadth and scope of lending crime.

Oil prices rebound from steep fall

Oil prices rebounded Friday with a number of traders believing that sharp declines based on an announced fuel price hike in China the day before were not merited.

A wide-open battle for power in Darfur

Conflict in Sudan's Darfur region has fragmented into a complex free-for-all jeopardizing an effective relief mission to more than 2.5 million displaced and vulnerable people.

Exchange: 'Nixonland' or 'The Age of Reagan'?

The New Republic
by Sean Wilentz and Rick Perlstein
Nixon would've been the most important president of the last 40 years--but then Watergate happened, and he became a political hiccup.
Post Date Thursday, June 19, 2008

For Rural Tibetans, the Future Is in Town

(By Jill Drew, The Washington Post)

A sense of community elusive for East Asia

A sense of community elusive for East Asia
By Howard W. French
Published: June 19, 2008

Military-Industrial Complications

Military-Industrial Complications
U.S. soldiers wait while contractors, and a bumbling Air Force, duke it out.

U.S. Says Exercise by Israel Seemed Directed at Iran

A large-scope Israeli military exercise underscored the seriousness with which it views Iran’s nuclear program, U.S. officials said.

ElBaradei: If you attack Iran, I quit

ElBaradei: If you attack Iran, I quit
"A military invasion against Iran would pose great danger to the Middle East and the world."

EU to lift sanctions against Cuba

The European Union is to lift sanctions on Cuba it imposed in 2003 in protest at the jailing of dissidents.

FBI holds 406 for mortgage fraud

The FBI says it has arrested 406 property market players as part of a crackdown on mortgage fraud.

Hundreds indicted in mortgage probe

Federal authorities announced Thursday that more than 400 real estate industry players have been indicted since March in nationwide crackdown on mortgage fraud.

El rebrote racista en Italia

El rebrote racista en Italia

Por Jorge Nedich Para LA NACION

Link corto:

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation
Review of F. William Engdahl's book published by Global Research
by Arun Shrivastava
Global Research, June 19, 2008

Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Torch in the Wild West: Faking the Olympic Spirit in China's Muslim Region

The Torch in the Wild West: Faking the Olympic Spirit in China's Muslim Region

The Olympic torch is in China's far West and security is tight. Still, there are some who came out to celebrate the event -- 200 invited guests and a handful of well-trained Uighar schoolchildren. Journalists were watched closely.

Big Bad Boom

Radioactive Déjà Vu in the American West
By Chip Ward

Hamas TV Teaches Youth to Kidnap IDF Soldiers

While Israel holds its fire and Hamas rearms, the terrorist group's TV station is teaching Gaza youth how to kidnap an IDF soldier.

Colombian coca growth 'shocks' UN

Colombian coca growth 'shocks' UN
Colombia's annual coca crop - the foundation for cocaine - increased by 27 per cent last year, a new study says.

Secret US Air Force Team to Perfect Plan for Iran strike

Secret US Air Force Team to Perfect Plan for Iran strike
By Sarah Baxter, Washington
It is led by Brigadier-General Lawrence "Stutz" Stutzriem, who is considered one of the brightest air force generals. He is assisted by Dr Lani Kass, a former Israeli military officer and expert on cyberwarfare.

Foreign Internal Defense: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Special Forces

US Army Field Manual 31-20-3
September 1994

How to Train Death Squads and Quash Revolutions from San Salvador to Iraq

Leaked U.S. Military Manual
How to Train Death Squads and Quash Revolutions from San Salvador to Iraq
Its contents are both history defining for Latin America and, given the continued role of US Special Forces in the suppression of insurgencies, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, history making.

Energy Agreement Marks Thaw in Japan-China Ties

Energy Agreement Marks Thaw in Japan-China Ties
China and Japan agreed to jointly develop natural-gas fields in the East China Sea, a breakthrough in a long-running dispute between the two biggest economic and political powers in Asia.

China and Japan strike gas deal

China and Japan reach an agreement in a long-running dispute over a gas field in the East China Sea.

Amnesty seeks 'missing' Tibetans

Amnesty seeks 'missing' Tibetans

Amnesty International says more than 1,000 people are still unaccounted for in Tibet after the anti-government protests.

US-held terror suspects 'abused'

Examinations of 11 former detainees at US military jails show evidence of torture, a human rights group says.

The Destruction of Sarposa

The Destruction of Sarposa
June 18, 2008 1829 GMT
By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Were They War Crimes?

Dan Froomkin's White House Watch
The two-star general who led an Army investigation into abuse at Abu Ghraib is calling for accountability.

Chief of Staff: Gaza Calm will be Fragile and Short

China as an island









Shepen naches


Shayneh kepeleh





Shat, shat! Hust!

mirror box therapy



The neuron & the synapse

Shalach mohnes




Shainer gelechter

CIA Played Larger Role In Advising Pentagon CIA Played Larger Role In Advising Pentagon

A senior CIA lawyer advised Pentagon officials about the use of harsh interrogation techniques on detainees at Guantanamo Bay in a meeting in late 2002, defending waterboarding and other methods as permissible despite U.S. and international laws banning torture, according to documents released...
(By Joby Warrick, The Washington Post)

Why We Won't Talk to Sudan's Islamo-Fascists

Why We Won't Talk to Sudan's Islamo-Fascists
The international community is horrified by the situation in Darfur. While the massacres of black Africans have been documented and their perpetrators -- government troops and their Arab militia -- identified, the political causes are less known.

More floods threaten south China

Mass evacuations and river reinforcements are under way in southern China amid fears of more bad flooding.

The Problem With Europe

The Problem With Europe
June 17, 2008 1614 GMT
By George Friedman

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Mother Earth's Triple Whammy

Why North Korea Was a Global Crisis Canary
By John Feffer

American-Trained Terrorist Trains Hamas 'Martyrs'

An American-trained former Fatah member is teaching Hamas terrorists an advanced explosives course to help them become martyrs.


By Farangis Najibullah
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned that the nation's "enemies" seek to weaken the country's youth by spreading immorality, prostitution, and drug addiction, as young people themselves express their frustration at hard-line social restrictions.


Shaul Mofaz, Israel's transport minister and deputy prime minister, has told an Israeli newspaper that an attack on Iran looks "unavoidable" because of the apparent failure of UN sanctions to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons.


Iran's judiciary has suspended for one month the execution of two young men sentenced to death for crimes committed before they were 18 after the UN's top human rights official urged authorities not to execute four juvenile offenders.


By Mohammad Kazemi and Gulnoza SaidazimovaA member of the Iranian parliament's Judicial Inquiry and Review Committee has been arrested after accusing several prominent clerics of corruption and hinting that further revelations were to come.

Taliban Seizes Seven Afghan Villages

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, June 16
Hundreds of Taliban fighters took control of seven villages in southern Afghanistan on Monday in what appeared to be a major offensive near the country's second-largest city, according to Afghan officials.
(By Candace Rondeaux and Javed Hamdard, The Washington Post)

Report Questions Pentagon Accounts

A Senate investigation has concluded that top Pentagon officials began assembling lists of harsh interrogation techniques in the summer of 2002 for use on detainees at Guantanamo Bay and that those officials later cited memos from field commanders to suggest that the proposals originated far down...
(By Joby Warrick, The Washington Post)

Flood warning after Chinese rains

China warns that one of its longest waterways, the Yellow River, is in danger of bursting its banks.

The Khazar Kingdom: A Jewish Empire in the Middle Ages

The Khazar Kingdom: A Jewish Empire in the Middle Ages
In medieval times the Jews suffered persecutions but in the Kingdom of the Khazars they were received with honor and played a decisive role in transforming it into an empire
Dr. Rivka Shpak-Lissak (2/18/2008)

'Mission Doable': Israeli Ministers Mull Plans for Military Strike against Iran

The Israeli government no longer believes that sanctions can prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons. A broad consensus in favor of a military strike against Tehran's nuclear facilities -- without the Americans, if necessary -- is beginning to take shape.

Latest Disaster in China Fuels Superstitions Latest Disaster in China Fuels Superstitions

Latest Disaster in China Fuels Superstitions
Torrential rains are causing some of the worst flooding to hit China in years, the latest in a series of disasters this year that is creating a sense of gloom among many Chinese.

Monday, 16 June 2008

The Greatest Story Never Told

The Greatest Story Never Told
Finally, the U.S. Mega-Bases in Iraq Make the News
By Tom Engelhardt

Inflation dangers 'threaten Asia'

The Asian Development Bank says regional inflation in 2008 will exceed the 5.1% figure predicted in April.

Row in Italy over army deployment

A big row erupts in Italy over the government's decision to deploy the army on major city streets to fight crime.

Serbs form rival Kosovo assembly

Serbs form rival Kosovo assembly

Serbia defies the adoption of a new constitution in Kosovo by announcing a new parliament for the minority Serb community.

Saudi oil output to rise in July

Saudi Arabia will increase its oil production by 200,000 barrels a day from July, its oil minister tells the United Nations.

Karzai issues warning to Pakistan

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he is ready to send troops over the border into Pakistan to confront militants.

Israeli Demographics: Good for the Jews

With Israel's population currently at 7.3 million, and over 75% of them Jews, the demographic trends continue to be pro-Jewish.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

YOU are insane! YOU are criminals! 你們沒面子!

YOU are insane!
YOU are criminals!
And even totally idiot,

because now the whole world knows what you are!
My sister’s “literary” site is rich of first-hand information on these State-organised psychotic and criminal louses:

How war hero John McCain betrayed the Vietnamese peasant who saved his life

How war hero John McCain betrayed the Vietnamese peasant who saved his life
In an extraordinary act of compassion at a time when Vietnamese citizens were being killed by US aerial bombardments, he pulled a barely conscious McCain to the lake surface and, with the help of a neighbour, dragged him towards the shore.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Russia is biggest oil producer

Russia is biggest oil producer
The International Energy Agency says Russia has turned into the biggest crude oil producer, a title traditionally belonged to Saudi Arabia.

L’incroyable histoire de Youssef Nada

L’incroyable histoire de Youssef Nada
Guerre contre le « terrorisme »
par Silvia Cattori,
Le 13 juin 2008

Key Iraqi Leaders Deliver Setbacks to U.S.

BAGHDAD, June 13 -- The Bush administration's Iraq policy suffered two major setbacks Friday when Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki publicly rejected key U.S. terms for an ongoing military presence and anti-American Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called for a new militia offensive against U.S. forces.
(By Amit R. Paley and Karen DeYoung, The Washington Post)

Security Talks With U.S. at Impasse, Iraqi Says

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki said that America is making demands that infringe on Iraq’s sovereignty.

Plan Would Lift Saudi Oil Output to Highest Ever

Saudi Arabia’s plan to boost production next month was seen as a sign that the Saudis are nervous about the political and economic effect of high oil prices.

Russia: Irreverent English-Language Tabloid Closes Down

U.S.: Supreme Court Says Guantanamo Prisoners Can Challenge Detentions

U.S.: Supreme Court Says Guantanamo Prisoners Can Challenge Detentions

Pakistan: Lawyers' Leader Demands Independent Judiciary

EU: Irish 'No' Vote On Lisbon Treaty Blows Hole In EU Integration Project

sent to

Everybody must know! Nazi-communist anti-Semitic lynching-pogrom with white torture of the Chinese and of the Taiwanese governments on request from the Italian Carabinieri-SecretPolice-OVRA:

Questa “storia” è molto peggio di come sembra ed è lo specchio di quello che siete e di quello che è quella “vostra” Italiozia e non solo.

La cosa migliore è assumere che siano pazzie e calunnie:

* Lo Scaruffi è un folle.
* Lo Scaruffi inventa tutto.
* Lo Scaruffi è un calunniatore.
...Ah, dimenticavo. “Loro” hanno “informazioni sicurissime” “dalla famiglia”, alcune bagasce e bagasci (li trovate tra Genova, La Spezia, Torino e Casalbuttano, forse pure altrove) che non conosco né frequento e che delirano e delinquono in libertà, che io sono il capo delle Brigate Rosse [le BR non lo sanno, perché io sono il superklan del superklan... HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!], talvolta pure delle Brigate Nere (in Belgio mi hanno fatto bloccare un dottorato di ricerca finito perché ero un “terrorista fascista antisemita e filoberlusconiano”; chiedete dal professor Frognier allora (1999-2002, ...suppongo pure prima e dopo...) capo del sottodipartimento di politica... ...l’ha raccontato lui al professor Virgilio Ilari di Roma-Milano [CHIEDETEGLIELO!] per avere il suo voto contro nel 2001; quando il suo voto, realizzate le correzioni richieste (ma era un bluff, la richiesta di correzioni), è divenuto favorevole (2002), Frognier ha preteso dai professori belgi, in particolare dalla stesso aveva corretto la mia tesi!, il prof. Jacques Herman ed altri, che di fatto bloccassero (non poteva farlo votare contro le sue stesse correzioni!) tutto, “perché abbiamo informazioni sicurissime dai Carabinieri e dalla Presidenza della Repubblica italiani, che a loro volta hanno informazioni sicurissime dalla famiglia, che è un pericolosissimo terrorista fascista e criminale internazionale”; CHIEDETE! CONTROLLATE TUTTO!) e pure il capo di BinLaden e trafficante in non so cosa [MAI trafficato in nulla, né usato MAI sostanze d’alcun genere, né psicofarmaci etc., né frequentato chi facesse queste cose; neppure frequento gli abbondantissimi bordelli taiwanesi e simili].
...Ah, dimenticavo ancora. “Loro” hanno pure “informazioni sicurissime” “dalla famiglia” (bagasce e bagasci come sopra) che mi ha riconosciuto sugli aerei dell’11 settembre 2001 (devo essermi lanciato col paracadute prima degli schianti... HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!). È tutto scritto negli archivi segreti dell’OVRA-Carabinieri. Tale è il livello... Non sono MAI stato sul continente americano, fino ad oggi, neppure in Stati africani né asiatici, a parte ora [2002-?] Cina e Taiwan e null’altro. ...Non sono un grande viaggiatore...


Dunque, ...lo Scaruffi è un folle, inventa tutto, ed è un criminale ed un terrorista.

...Soluzione sono i manicomi o trattamenti obbligatori, o quel che esiste [non ho pratica del settore...], e incriminazioni-condanne-galera.

Le burocrazie lasciano tracce scritte su tutto. Qui, grazie al fatto che li ho fatto scoprire fingendo di non sapere quel che avevano organizzato, e fingendo a lungo di non averne la minima idea, hanno pure disseminato Italiozia ed il mondo di migliaia di testimoni e sono stati intercettati almeno da FBI e CIA sia in Italiozia che per il mondo. Il programma di distruzione contro di me dura da almeno un paio di decenni, con quasi uno di tortura bianca all’estero che s’è aggiunto alle altre attività pazzoidelinquenziali di Stato.

Perché lo fanno? Chiedetelo a loro. Al delinquente ed al pazzo si deve chiedere perché delinque e perché è pazzo, NON a me, oppure dimostrare che è calunniato (dunque che io li calunnio, in questo caso). Da Presidenti, a governi, a parlamenti ed a sbirraglia&procure, siete in mano a dei pazzi e dei delinquenti che pazzoidano, delinquono e rubano su tutto, pure su “operazioni speciali”. Anzi, il pazzoidare, delinquere e rubare è l’unico fine delle “operazioni speciali”, stragi ed omicidi [non bianchi] a parte che sono follie ulteriori, ma non concernono, per ora, il caso mio, se non che “loro” vorrebbero facessi io qualche strage od omicidio per giustificarsi del loro delinquere contro di me e degli euromiliardi che loro si sono rubati dietro lo schermo di questa operazione.

Dunque, che aprano gli archivi sulle loro attività pazzoidodelinquenziali e vi mostrino che sono vuoti... “Lo Scaruffi inventa”, “Lo Scaruffi calunnia”, “Ve l’avevamo detto, siamo vergini, verginissimi!” Oppure che vi dicano che mettono correntemente il segreto di Stato sulle loro attività pazzoidodelinquenziali. È quello che in effetti fanno in quella vostra Repubblichetta fondata sulle stragi e sui linciaggi-pogrom e peggio. Pazzoidano, Delinquono, rubano e mettono il segreto di Stato perché non si sappia che oltre al pazzoidare, delinquere e rubare “lo Stato”, “le istituzioni”, non fanno. Anzi, mettono pure il segreto di Stato sul segreto di Stato. “Non possiamo parlane...” “Non sappiamo...” “Chiedete al dirigente...” “Chiedete al ministro...” Provate! Chiedete!

...Troverete che, con la repubblica e l’“antifascismo”, l’OVRA-Carabinieri s’è sviluppata ed è divenuta più onnipotente, che le leggi razziste, le leggi speciali ed i già pre-esistenti programmi di linciaggio sono stati potenziati, che il sistema di milizie già fasciste s’è ulteriormente “fascistizzato” e delinquentizzato, grazie agli “anti-fascisti”, sindacalisti etc, e vi devasta con mobbing, linciaggi e torture bianche sia individualizzate (ma i casi sono moltissimi anche se non li fanno uscire) che di massa, oltre che con lo sfascio sociale ed economico ormai inarrestabile. Le varie attività di linciaggio-pogrom e tortura bianca (quelle coi visori attraverso i muri per torture del sonno e della veglia, NON per legittime sorveglianze di polizia) sono organizzate da centri dei Carabinieri-OVRA con cooperazioni di sindacati e partiti in attività delinquenziali e, nel mio caso, pure, all’estero, con la cooperazione di Interpol e polizie segrete militari belga, cinese e taiwanese. Los ingleses, invece, disprezzano carabinieri e Stato italiota perché sanno quel che [non] valgono e quel che pazzoidano e delinquono.

Dovete aprire gli archivi, e non lasciare loro distruggere tutto, ma ci sarebbero comunque le intercettazioni da parte di FBI etc., per [cercare di] dimostrare che quel che io dico è TUTTO o in gran parte falso. Eppoi se “loro” svuotano gli archivi, le tracce (e restano sempre!) che sono svuotati è prova di delinquere gravissimo di Stato e di regime.

Non dimenticate:
= Lo Scaruffi inventa tutto. Da appurare se solo per dolo o pure perché malato o per entrambi i motivi.
= Lo Scaruffi è un terrorista che lavora di calunnie-sputtanamenti. Anzi, no, non solo... ...è pure il capo delle Brigate Rosse, delle Brigate Nere e di BinLaden (vedi sopra!), dei semiti e degli antisemiti e di mafie [quali?!].

....Ora, cercate di dimostrarlo e vedrete quel che scoprirete sulle attività delinquenziali di massa dei Carabinieri, dell’OVRA, del Ministero degli Interni e di quello della Difesa, delle varie polizie segrete, dei governi e dei parlamenti (i Comitato di Controllo sui Servizi). Chiedete pure a Finmeccanica se ne sa qualcosa, o nulla, o moltissimo.

...Chiedete la cooperazione di “Echelon”, cioé dell’FBI e non solo.

Ah, sono pure un ricattatore.

Il “ricatto” è pubblico:
= Voglio, SUBITO, il mio dottorato di ricerca belga, da me finito (estate 2002) ed academicamente perfetto, ma fatto bloccare (NON respingere) su intervento dei Carabinieri-Stato-Governo. Oppure voglio, SUBITO, 5 milioni d’euro esentasse.
= Voglio, SUBITO, 5 miliardi [miliardi!] d’euro [EURO] esentasse, perché un linciaggio-pogrom ossessivo con poi aggiunta di tortura bianca ancora più ossessiva, il tutto di almeno un vent’anni, non si risolve con delle scuse ipocrite o con dei procuratori che salvano i delinquenti ed i pazzoidi di Stato e loro miliziani.
= Voglio un passaporto ONU come rifugiato e lo status di apolide perché mi fate schifo. Con pazzoidi e delinquenti non voglio condividere neppure una nazionalità formale.
= Voglio pure un 2'000 condanne a morte [basta una convenzione chessò con Pechino] di TUTTI i convolti, a vario titolo, a TUTTI i livelli, nelle torture bianche contro di me. Processi [rapidi] e confessioni sulla CNN!

Roberto Scaruffi
403 Taichung City / 台中
Taiwan / 臺灣

Indirizzo valido finché non mi riobbligano a cercare un’altra stanza perché ad ogni loro fallimento della tortura bianca con squadre di teppaglia organizzate dalla locale polizia segreta militare, su richiesta dei Carabinieri e del governo, reagiscono ordinando di non rinnovarmi i contratti di locazione. Sperano sempre in una logistica più favorevole per le loro battiture continue ed ossessive da sopra, sotto ed affianco ed altre scemenze. Se vi fate dare i manuali di tortura bianca dell’OVRA-carabinieri trovare le disposizioni dettagliate per l’organizzazione e l’esecuzione della tortura bianca. Nel manuale operativo dettagliano così tante scemenze “per distruggere l’obiettivo”, tra loro psicotici evidentemente funzionano!, che solo degli psicotici italioti potevano assemblare e solo dei pidocchi psicotici potevano eseguire. Fatevi pure dire se i “professoroni” per scrivere il manuale di distruzione via tortura bianca li pagano direttamente i Carabinieri-OVRA oppure qualche azienda chessò del Gruppo Finmeccanica con fondi di ricerca, magari del Progetto “Soldato Futuro”. ...Chissà... ...Chiedere è sempre legittimo... ...Vi manderanno “dal Ministro”, o “dal Direttore Generale”, ed “il Ministro”, o “il Direttore Generale”, si farà negare perché “in riunione”.

NON ho telefono (almeno fino ad ora, 14 giugno 2008, 10:00 a Taichung). ...Sebbene mi abbiano mandato centinaia di informatori-provocatori della polizia segreta [militare] a premere perché lo avessi. Anzi, me ne volevano pure regalare.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Report cites Ethiopian 'war crimes'

Report cites Ethiopian 'war crimes'
An international human rights group has accused the Ethiopian army of carrying out executions, rapes and torture against civilians in the eastern Ogaden region of the country.

Iranian "Bases"

Iranian "Bases"
By removing Saddam, disbanding the army, dividing Iraq into provinces and widening the sectarian and ethnic divide, in other words by ridding Iraq of all the fundamentals of a unified, sovereign nation, the invasion had fulfilled its Iranian purpose.

Terror and Civil Liberties

Terror and Civil Liberties
A standard charge against the Bush Administration is that its anti-terror measures violate Western norms and widen the gulf between the U.S. and its allies. That gulf is wide, sure enough. That's because America's allies have fewer qualms about limiting civil liberties in the war on terror. Consider recent debates in Britain and Germany.

Germans reject Latin bloc euro notes

Ordinary Germans have begun to reject euro bank notes with serial numbers from Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal, raising concerns that public support for monetary union may be waning in the eurozone's anchor country.

Incident Foreshadows Future Attacks in Pakistan

Incident Foreshadows Future Attacks in Pakistan
June 12, 2008 2001 GMT
The Pakistani government's recent thwarting of what appears to be a massive suicide bombing attempt signals a possible return of organized jihadist activity in Pakistan -- in the wake of the June 2 Danish Embassy bombing.

China's Economic Plateau

China's Economic Plateau
June 12, 2008 1305 GMT
Despite a flutter of hopeful economic statistics for May, long-term trends suggest China’s economy is plateauing — and may even enter decline. A look at the pressures facing Chinese exporters and the potential for rising costs for foreign buyers.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Garrisoning the Global Gas Station

Garrisoning the Global Gas Station
Challenging the Militarization of U.S. Energy Policy
By Michael T. Klare

Legisladores de EEUU acusan a China de hackear sus ordenadores

Legisladores de EEUU acusan a China de hackear sus ordenadores

Belgique: un État en voie de disparition

Belgique: un État en voie de disparition
Par Thierry Portes, envoyé spécial à Bruxelles
22/05/2008 Mise à jour : 21:53

«La clinique de l'horreur» fait frémir l'Italie

«La clinique de l'horreur» fait frémir l'Italie
C.M. ( avec AFP et AP11/06/2008 Mise à jour : 13:48
Une douzaine de médecins multipliaient ablations et opérations inutiles dans le seul but d'obtenir plus de remboursement de la Sécu.

Geopolitical Weekly: The U.S. Air Force and the Next War

Geopolitical Weekly: The U.S. Air Force and the Next War
June 11, 2008 1706 GMT
By George Friedman

Pakistan Army denounces coalition forces' attack

Pakistan Army denounces coalition forces' attack
The spokesman condemned this completely unprovoked and cowardly action the FC post and regretted the loss of precious lives of our soldiers. He also informed that a strong protest has been launched by the Pakistan Army and we reserve the right to protect our citizens and soldiers against aggression.

Why the Oil Price Is High

Why the Oil Price Is High
By Paul Craig Roberts
How to explain the oil price? Why is it so high? Are we running out? Are supplies disrupted, or is the high price a reflection of oil company greed or OPEC greed. Are Chavez and the Saudis conspiring against us?

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Italy doctors investigated for needless surgeries

Italy doctors investigated for needless surgeries

Police have arrested 13 doctors from a clinic in Milan who investigators suspect performed needless and sometimes fatal operations to make more money.

Iraqis Condemn American Demands

Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, June 11, 2008; Page A01

Germany Considers Expanding Role of the Military in Security

Germany Considers Expanding Role of the Military in Security
Efforts to overhaul Germany's foreign and security policies are creating deep divisions within the nation.

Zimbabwe 'run by military junta'

Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says his country is effectively being run by a military junta.


Fresh scrutiny on a rogue Pentagon operation.
By Joshua Micah Marshall, Laura Rozen, and Paul Glastris

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

CLOWNISH ITALY = Ledeen, Franklin, Rhode, SCIRI, Iranians in key pre-war meeting?

Posted by Helena Cobban at October 31, 2005 10:05 PM

Afghans demand withdrawal of NATO and US occupation troops

Afghans demand withdrawal of NATO and US occupation troops
The American occupation troops should leave Afghanistan because they are responsible for creating unrest in the country, Afghan leaders said on Monday.

US/IRAN: Fearing Escalation, Pentagon Fought Cheney Plan

US/IRAN: Fearing Escalation, Pentagon Fought Cheney Plan
Pentagon officials firmly opposed a proposal by Vice President Dick Cheney last summer for airstrikes against Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) bases.

"E" for Expeditionary

"E" for Expeditionary

One Man's Online Journey through Bush's Alphabet Soup

By Tom Engelhardt

Haters Without a Cause

Richard Cohen
What now for the industry based on hating Hillary Clinton?

Barack O’Bilderberg: Picking the President

The Plot Thickens: Hirschson Linked to Olmert Investigation

Police are investigating links between former Finance Minister Avraham Hirschson and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in corruption probes of the pair.

China's quake aftershock - 5 million homeless

The massive earthquake that rocked China's southwest Sichuan province left an estimated 5.5 million homeless. The need for new housing is enormous and urgent.'s Kari Huus reports.

China's Local Leaders Hold Absolute Power

China's Local Leaders Hold Absolute Power
XIFENG, China -- When Zhang Zhiguo took over as Communist Party leader in Xifeng county, he was determined to make his mark, to push this impoverished corner of northeast China into the mainstream of swift economic development.
(By Edward Cody, The Washington Post)

The Dark Side of Power: German Corporate Spying Scandal Widens

Deutsche Telekom wasn't the only German company to use private investigators to spy on employees and journalists. At national railway Deutsche Bahn, national flag carrier airline Lufthansa and Deutsche Post, paranoid executives also stand accused of stepping over the line into spying.


Volume 55, Number 11 · June 26, 2008
By Ian Buruma

India: The Place of Sex

How the Mind Works: Revelations

Tarek Aziz, l’homme qui en sait trop

Tarek Aziz, l’homme qui en sait trop
par Gilles Munier, Le 9 juin 2008
Afrique-Asie (juin 2008)